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Prime Liquid Emulsion Industries (PLEI)

Prime Liquid Emulsion Industries (PLEI), is a North America Based company. Pioneers in the technology of bitumen emulsion and bitumen allied products.
having 17 years of combined experience and specialized training from North America i.e. Canada & USA. Our products team are highly knowledgeable and masters of their trade.

We Specialize in the field of road construction and produced many different grades of excellent quality water based and Cutback Road Grade Emulsions primarily used for Prime and Tack Coat and also have introduced Polymer Modification of Bitumen and produce, Prime Liquid PMB (Polymer Modified Bitumen)

We Also produce Rubberized Liquid protective grade coatings, which are environment friendly, highly flexible, extremely strong and form a joint-free membrane with superior adhesion that protects all type of concrete and metal structures and provides the customers with the best possible Water and Rust Proofing solution, which is entirely safe and also extremely cost efficient, and within reach of every common working class men.

Prime Liquid Products

Concrete Coatings

Prime Liquid (CRC/CPC)TM emulsions can be used for the following: Concrete Septic Tanks, Waste Water Pipes , Concrete Pipes, Foundations

Crack Sealant

Prime Liquid Trowel Grade after years of reserch and development in the field of bitumen allied products Prime Liquid has managed

Metal Coatings

Corresion of metal is a serious economic problem. Corrosion is a result of spontaneous Electro-chemical reaction, as the metal under goes oxidation..

Road Grade Asphalt Emulsion

Polymerthe Modified Bitumen comes closest to an ideal bitumen mix, observed Granite construction's Adam Hand at the february 2005 meeting of Association of Modified Bitumen Producers.

Water & Rust Proof Emulsions

Prime Liquid.

All of our Rubberized Liquid Membranes are environmentally safe, non-hazardous and easy to apply.

For Concrete Coating

  • Prime Liquid CPC
  • Prime Liquid FPC
  • Prime Liquid PRIMER
  • Prime Liquid Trowel Grade
  • Prime Liquid CRC

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